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Funny Farm Poultry Shampoos are $7.99

Nesting Box Herbs are $5.99

Funny Farm Poultry Shampoo

New from the Funny Farm, our very own Poultry Shampoo! Give your chickens a spa day! Your chicken will be show ready with this wonderful poultry shampoo! You'll see your bird's beautiful shine after just one use!

Made with quality ingredients; Aloe from the aloe plant, fresh lemon, and infused with a freshly brewed green tea and lavender mix to name a few.

A relaxing and refreshing shampoo, leaving your birds "Silkie" soft for days!

Lovely Lavender

Funny Farm Fresh Nesting box Herbs

Freshly picked straight from the Funny Farm Garden and sun dried.

Adding a handful of these fragrant herbs will calm your hens while they lay, and will leave your coop with a sweet aroma!

These herbs are made up of fresh lavender, rose petals, oregano, basil, and lemon thyme. Infused with 100% pure lavender oil.

Lavender oil has the ability to eliminate nervous tension and relieve pain.

Pests Be Gone

New from the Funny Farm, our antimicrobial and antibacterial blend of dried herbs for the nesting box. These herbs will help keep the pests at bay.

This unique blend of herbs are made up of oregano, lemon thyme, and rosemary. Infused with a splash of 100% pure tea tree oil.

Tea tree is antimicrobial, and is a natural mite repellent.

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